Character Creation for Everyone!


Small update for Patrons this time, because Sismicious has been away for the past couple weeks. I added a couple of scenes to the character creator for you to test out. I did run out of time, so one of them has limited customization and the other has no cumshot yet(BLASPHEMY!). Please check them out and tell us what you think of the new animation style! I made the cowgirl scene and Sismicious made the other one (in case you wanted to know).

We also unlocked the last character creation demo for free! You can play it here (near the bottom of the page, this is a stupid way to do this, sorry) or download it here (to run a .swf file, just open it with your internet browser).

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Character Creation Demo and Version 0.59 free.

We have published the character creation demo for Patrons! It lets you check out the new male and female model and screw around with some customization.

For free users, we have uploaded 0.59. It adds additional jobs for the rest of your girls. These include maids, strippers, security, advertisers, and bartenders.

Play the Latest Version here!

$2000 WOOO!

Hey everyone!
Sismicious here. We'll never thank you enough for all your support. The patreon just reached our 2nd milestone : 2000$. Now we're more aware of Patreon policy and the reality of things, know that we don't actually earn 2000$. I'm sure a lot of people know it already, but they take a nice part of it, and we also have to deal with a lot of refused or declined credit cards each month.

But this won't stop us to try to make the best! We still hope to provide you quality content and sweet graphics so you can enjoy a professional adult game, giving you as much customization as we can.

This said, I thought it could be nice to inform you of what I did this month!
Meismike and I worked hard on the v2, and started by the character creation screen, the first thing you'll see in the game. It meant the creation of a lot of stuff for me, but hopefully we're going to be able to propose you a decent prototype! So far I did

  • a complete new body (the one you voted for)
  • 3 female haircuts
  • a complete redesign of Bea!
  • the Character creation screen itself
  • 3 male haircuts
  • 3 beards types
  • the creation of the female and basic outfit

Everything had to be then imported in flash, and Meismike did his magic to make everything work. We tested, and tested again (and are still correcting bugs at the time I'm writing this!), but it seems we are almost done with it.

Again, this is all thanks to you all!
We're still hoping one day we'll be able to make a living out of it and be able to create high quality games for your enjoyment. We're living a fantastic time where people can actually make some fool's dreams a reality, and I'll never thank you enough for this!

As a thank you, I did a pic of our beloved Bea for our patrons!