Version 2.27 Mission is a Go


2.27, for Patrons, adds skills, missions, and alternate female facial features. Holy shit that is a lot of content in one update for us.
-There are some new noses and chin shapes you can get now for your female strumpets to spice up the randomness. Male features coming soon.

-You can send your "employees" on missions by clicking on the airship on the map. Each mission will take 3 days and the person will bu unable to do anything else while they are gone, so be careful. Also some missions claim they reward items, but that is not done yet either, so you just get more gold.

-There are 6 at the moment, pictured above, Combat, Dancing, Nursing, Cooking, Foraging, and Wisdom. The skills are only tied to missions for now, but will be rolled into other elements later.

This is the biggest update we have made in a while, so beware of bugs! And remember to tell us what you think about this. Also, please delete your old saves! (I probably should have forced a wipe)

2.26 for free players gets 2 new hairstyles and some quality of life improvements. 


  1. Hey guys, great update! Bug report: All strumpets in the market have the same skin color (light). It's not possible to hire any with tan or dark skin.

  2. one thing i noticed from the free version. every charecter (that have a dick) that wears clothes, or once they wear clothes, during the animation theier dicks becomes invisible

    1. ps. unless if it is a blowjob, the other animations don't have dicks(penetrating at least)

    2. It also happens only with the bought characters. Though I don't have this problem with the dickgirls O.o

  3. Speaking of skills I request a small modification on certain sex scenes.
    1. The background has to change with location, like high class have fancy bed room
    Or roullet table to casino
    2 must have some things to lay down on,like straw mattresses
    3 good job on brothel but needs love bed
    4 choice for sex positions and action on evey sex scenes.
    5 put in some title leveling system for example my strumpet can give amazing blow job title "blow master".

  4. But overall you guy did a great job keep up the good work. And try to implement some of these ideas

  5. Sorry can't stop giving you guys ideas.
    Put in a criteria system which should say something like "in order to access the place strumpet must where maid uniform"for the bar, they must put that costume on.
    Hence encourage to buy more clothes. Same can be applied in brothel. Just FYI

    1. Thanks for you ideas. We'll look at it :)