Version 2.37 Finely Filtered Tutorials


Not very flashy this week, but sometimes that's the way she goes. I have had a LOT of requests for filters from a lot of people, or maybe the same person with a bunch of different user names, who knows!I would recommend everyone check out the tutorial, even if you are a master at the game. You never know what you might have missed.
Also, I think I fixed that off-color hand bug.


  1. Speaking of QoL improvements, for the longest time I've had issues knowing what color am I looking at vs what color the game considers it. Being it skin colour and specially hair colors.
    Is it possible to make hair colours more noticeable? Or is it an aesthetic choice and the problem is better fixed with indicators to know when you have the appropiate color for a request?
    For example having a "hair color, eye color, skin color, personality, etc," descriptor when you check your strumpets on the dorms.
    Maybe it's just an issue with me though since I have some colorblindness, I wonder if anyone else has issues with this.

    Thanks for your hard work.
    Also, striped panties please!

  2. Thank you so much! Never asked for extended filters, but really wanted them!

  3. Theres a glitch in character creation with one facial feature.

  4. I like really black women like in the first version and I like suprises like ladys are seling theirselves - also realized in the first version

    Thanks and best regards
    KGB, Germany

  5. thx for filter it makes job a lot easier.
    may be implement premium/rare girl system. every day you have some chance(based on market quality upgrade) that one or more slaves will be extra expensive, but will have higher stat and/or high lv in one skill. exsample: shy cook higher str and obedience and also lv 3 cook skill -> 3k gold.
    also you could change color of her name for easy distinction or give her some other distinct feature.
    or may be add another upgrade for market along the lines of VIP section of slave market which add one rare girl on list each day.

  6. There is an occasional bug where a char will have an off color breast, so if you could NOT fix that one it would be appreciated. I kind of like it and think it makes some of the girls more unique. Oh, and filters are a good idea, put I never had any real complaints about not having them.

  7. Can we get piercings on the smallest size breasts?

  8. Oh wait. Those are strumpet filters, not client filters...