Version 2.39 More Modular Makeovers!


We overhauled the clothing system so you can now have a hat, earrings, nipple piercings, ears, tails and glasses all at the same time. Instead of before when you could only have 2 accessories at once. Also you can choose your bra and stockings separately from your top and bottom clothing. We are adding new clothes to take advantage of this as we speak. I am going to leave the Halloween stuff in for a while still to give people a chance to play it. After we will probably put it in a random event or something.


  1. Hey dude i really like the game, i check back often when updates are released.
    A few things id like though: more poses and animations ( i know its not easy and complications with the clothes but more variety and more revealing poses would make the enjoyment of sex alot better i think. Some different facial expressions for when they are having sex to show their enjoyment of it or lack there of. More hair styles. An auto select for the girl or guy that the client wants in the brothel. A way to change hair and boob size after character creation. ( i read brea say theres a way to change boob size in the shop but i havent found it). Able to unlock some or all of the npcs as your slaves. Eventually a visual for your strumpets doing their assigned jobs.

    I think those are the major things for now.
    I absolutely love the art style that the game is in now ever since the change from along time ago, i would just like to see the sex scenes flushed out more to really enjoy them with more revealing poses that arent all in the 3/4 view and facial expressions that are a bit more ahegao as the animation progresses. Also i want you to get more exposure on the game so you make more money on patreon. You should try getting a solid build of the game and uploading it to a few sites to show the progress.
    Anyway i love the game and cant wait to see more! Keep up the good work!

  2. Just to signal that, by parsing the game by Cheat Engine, you can do almost ::anything you want:: !!!
    From the Gold to the Breast Size, via the Stats and the Skills, all of these static variables can be modified and saved for all characters ... of course, you can do the same with the maximum of girls in the room, the popularity of the brothel, etc.
    An exemple is necessary : take my last save. I have hacked the game to give me 9,999 for all stats, 1,000,000 for Stamina, 999,999 for Gold and Lust – can't decrease/increase –, 7,500 popularity, etc, all that in Day 2.
    All that just to say one thing : if possible, make the game unhackable AND unbreakable ... ;-)

  3. Hey, Really like the game. Was playing the other day and had a problem where when I released a girl to get one with better stats (obedience, confidence and beauty, the ones not "trainable") It jacked up the habilities of my strumpets, the nurse (that had 3 "nursing") became the dancer (with 3 dance) and every subsequent strumpet had the habilities of the one next to them. Not game breaking I think, but makes organizing and specialising your characters a little harder. Otherwise, waiting for v 2.39, only thing missing I guess (the customization).