Version 2.38 Late October Spooky Times


I hope you Patrons aren't tired of Halloween updates yet, because we have a great one! (The TF2 one is lame and I am not happy about it) 

You will find a festive gourd in the house, it hungers for candy! There are 11 pieces of candy hidden around the game world, if you can find 10 of them and bring them back to the pumpkin you will unlock 2 new bone-chilling costumes, one for men and one for women and 2 frightening hats. We also added a new female hairstyle which could reveal the costume theme early for those with a sharp eye.

1 of the hidden candy pieces is particularly devilish, that's why we made 11 instead of 10. Let us know if you can find it! 

Version 2.37 Finely Filtered Tutorials


Not very flashy this week, but sometimes that's the way she goes. I have had a LOT of requests for filters from a lot of people, or maybe the same person with a bunch of different user names, who knows!I would recommend everyone check out the tutorial, even if you are a master at the game. You never know what you might have missed.
Also, I think I fixed that off-color hand bug.