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Hey I just played Venture Seas, you guys should check it out. It is a lewd fantasy management game with RPG elements. You play as a ship captain, male female or herm, and make money while trying to bone your huge breasted assistant. Well that's how played it at least.

It is a massive game, and from what I have seen it is very well written. Classic cliche story of waking up with amnesia and immediately being thrown into sexy adventure, just the way I like it. Lots of fantasy races like cowgirls and lizardmen.

The gameplay consists of bringing your ship to different ports, talking to locals, picking up quests, and triggering random events. Then once you are stocked up, you take your ship to an adventure spot and send a team out on expeditions. Here it turns into a more classic RPG, complete with grid based movement and random encounters. The twist? The combat is card based! You first build a deck before embarking and the cards you use are gone until you return to your ship. I wont go into specifics, it is quite complicated and the game will do a much better job of explaining than I will. There is also the full sweet of equipment like swords and leather breaches and stuff. 

The naughty scenes are all first person, to immerse yourself in the action. I've only seen a couple so far but I'm sure there are lots to come. 

Oh, you can also run a brothel out of your ship, but who would ever want to manage one of those in a game.
Check it out here 
And if you are looking for Strumpets news, we should have a build out soon, sorry for the long wait on this one!


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