Version 2.72 Choke on this!


This time for patrons we added 2 new scenes and 2 new outfits! Check them out!


  1. are u gonna fix the nan gold?

  2. hey, guys, I really want to support your game, but when you will be making BIG or story updates?
    and I hope Police girl and other will be having unique scenes

  3. Everytime after a fight (even winning) or a loss situation, the mood decreases a lot? is that right or is a glitch?

  4. how can i get a stripper?

    1. You enter your dorms, select the strumpet you want to be a stripper and go to the ''Jobs'' option

  5. The game need more... extraordinary hentai context... (Tentacles can help btw) Now it's too boring, too routine don't ya?

  6. Add rimjob scene?

  7. Going nicely so far! Few things I'd personally like to see, since I haven't noticed them in-game:

    - Since there's an option for no gay scenes, perhaps an option to turn off straight scenes as well? Mix and match and stuff.

    - Pregnancy resulting from the training scenes.

    - More penetrative scenes for futa+female.

    - Futa characters being able to impregnate female characters.

    I would fucking die for these.

  8. Little list of bugs I'm not sure you're aware of:

    -When generated from text, the cost of upgrading the market or streets becomes "undefined" for all, even the brothel which I already bought. Effectively rendering the expansion/market upgrade useless.

    -If you continue a save from memory(not text generated) on lust payment day(day 10, day 20 etc.) the demon chick will take your lust again. Given that she has just taken your lust you won't have enough and the "not enough lust" dialogue takes place. Not sure what effects this has though.

    -Used a skill book once and the skill jumped from 3 to 30. Highly doubt that is intended. No real way of checking if it was effective.

    Next are more minor qualms/quality of life improvements:
    -The desert temple quest never seems to go away, even though I've completed it. I can ask the demon chick again and it'll be given again. Not sure if that is intended.

    -When a customer is served at a brothel, sometimes it will automatically switch to the next one but most of the time(perhaps only if it's the first customer) remain on the customer you just serviced but without the "DONE" stamp. It's fixed by simply switching customers but it can be a little irritating.

    -The traits bonuses should be more clearly defined. For example if the strumpet has an INT boost a +random number next to the base INT or the INT stat number colored red or something to indicate the stat is indeed boosted. I can't count how many times I saw traits that boost a certain stat and that stat being their lowest. It confused me a lot.

    -Talk option with shopkeepers needs an upgrade. Either the text would cut off if too long with no way of scrolling or overlap with the dialogue options if there are any.

    -Female brothel patrons with male names. Male brothel patrons with female names. Slightly awkward.

    -The mastrubation scene makes the strumpet turn into the default player model.

    -The cum in the footjob scene. Don't know quite how to describe it.

    And finally some recommendations:

    -We can chose to turn off gay and futa scenes, but it would also be nice if we could choose which scenes to show separately. Especially if there will be more fetish scenes added.

    -Threesome/orgy scenes. A brothel patron could bring a friend and double the pay. Possibly used instead of "customer was more satisfied than normal"

    -Perhaps more worlds. It could be saved for when the story and characters are expanded. Let's say you interact with them and little by little through events get them to owe you and either through infatuation or debt, get them to do anything you want them to do. In this way you could eventually own the entire island, from the police to streets to shops, you could look to expand your business to other worlds/planets/floating rocks. You don't even have to wait till you completely control the starting island. Taking complete control of a world(location) could make the location a sandbox(shops free or discounted and/or shopkeepers/police used as workers) which could a nice reward for "completing" the game/location if you wish to take it in that direction.

    Just as a disclosure: I only used female and futa strumpets while playing the game.

    That's all I can think of for now. Hope you found it useful. I'll just say I feel this game has quite a bit of potential but it still has A LOT to iron out, polish and add before that. Can't wait to see how it moves forward.