Version 0.45 and a new artist!

I am excited to announce that I am working with a new artist on the game! His name is Sismicious and this is his Tumblr

This is a sample of his work and what the new map screen will look like. Patrons can play around with these new assets in version 0.45 on Patreon.

0.45 adds
-new map and building icons
-fixed the naming problem
-fixed some buttons that you should not have been able to push twice
-changed price for the brothel. The brothel is now twice as expensive so you can't just grind the slums for 5 days.
-rebalanced police. You should no longer be able to get arrested in the slums, but your attention will go up.

Sorry there is no public release this time. It's because everyone was on the same patch last time. But you can play the latest free version here.


  1. I like the game but having a little trouble correctly identifying the correct body colors. Any chance of posting something on the blog to help?

    1. Sorry, I have been putting this off because I want to have the hair and skin colors be anything you want. Like right now there are like 6 colors for some hairs, but I want there to be every color. If I do this, I will need to redo the whole system for the brothel anyways.

  2. Awesome news, as is the look of the new map.

    I guess Strumpets is moving to a medieval setting then?


    1. Nope, is only a sample of the new artist skills (i guess xd)

    2. Yeah, we are going in a more medieval direction with the game now.

  3. The artwork and animation for the actual characters needs a COMPLETE overhaul as soon as possible. When do you plan on doing so?

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