Version 0.46 New Resolution and 0.45 public

The coolest thing about this update is the new market screen. Check it out on Patreon!

We have also decided to resize the game to 1024 x 768 from 800x600. This is a pretty minor thing for most people, but something that had to be done. I also changed the way I handled the art imports and it should make them look cleaner.

As for the public release, 0.45 added

-new map and building icons
-fixed the naming problem
-fixed some buttons that you should not have been able to push twice
-changed price for the brothel. The brothel is now twice as expensive so you can't just grind the slums for 5 days.
-rebalanced police. You should no longer be able to get arrested in the slums, but your attention will go up.

You can play the latest free version here. Tell me what you think of the new art direction!


  1. Hi there,

    Awesome job with the new map, specially the "End day" animation ^_^

    About the public build, the explanation of the Intelligence stat says "The higher a girls strength is...".

    Also, when you visit the market for a second time on the same day, the price of the first girl is 0, although you can't buy her.


  2. Thanks!

    I think I have fixed the intelligence problem in the patreon build, but thanks anyways. I will have to look into the other issue. I really need to rebuild that whole screen, it was built to remove a girl when you bought her, but I got lazy and just said she was purchased and you can't buy her again. I think that fucked up a lot of things. Oh well, live and learn.

  3. It seems to ask be coming along nicely