Introducing Bea


Hey, Sismicious here. Today I'd like to present you our very first NPC : Bea.
She is a delicious and lustful... demon? Who knows who she really is? We hope you'll discover it in the game later! But for now, I have to make something out of this rough concept, and clean it. And I have to say it's really, really time consuming.

See you later!

New Demo for Everyone!


We have updated the demo! And now everyone can give it a try! Hooray! Sismicious changed the girl a bit, so I needed to redo the animations, but everything looks way better now. Check it out here

Patreon Version 2 Demo


Sismicious and I have been working on a demo for the new girl model! Currently we have

10 hair colors
6 eye colors
4 hair styles
4 breast sizes
3 skin tones
and 3 sex scenes

Also don't worry, the dicks won't be floating forever. We just haven't made the men yet. If you are a patron, please give the demo a try!

If you are not a patron, we also updated the free version: Play the latest free version!  

New hair, new bodies, new mouth!


Hi folks, Sismicious here.
I wanted to show you some new stuff I've been working on! First, as you can see from the post image, we have new haircuts! As for the first one I made, these two new hairstyles have been declined to our previous range of colors (10 in total).

Then, something a bit more boring for you : I finished to adjust the two other skin colors to each body parts. A long and brainless work, but necessary. The more I put details in my work, the more time will then be needed for color changes.

And finally, we adjusted the mouth part, which didn't work very well with the first version I made. Now, you girls will be able to put things so big in their mouth you wouldn't think it was possible!