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Hi everyone, Sismicious here.
Today I'll give you some updates on something really nice coming : NPCs!
Those who have been following my Tumblr already saw them, but for everyone else, let's see it in detail.

  • First, you have our delicious Bea. You know her as she has been here since the beginning of the V2. She's waiting in your house for you to collect lust points so she can bring them to her mistress. But who is she exactly? And who is her mistress?
  • Then, we have Olite. Police now have a face, and a pretty one. She's a strong and independent woman, the kind internet is not offended by. She'll make sure your girls end in prison if you take too much risks in the streets.
  • Keet comes next. She's the owner of the shop, and she'll be here to dress your girls! Do you want that fancy pantyhose? If you have enough gold for her, she'll be happy to sell it to you.
  • The young one is Ladja. Energetic and joyful, she's the captain of the airship and is responsible of flying your slaves to their missions.
  • Then we have Nioka (and not Nokia). She rules the black market, but keep it a secret... She'll propose you some items, and refills her stock everyday so make sure you visit her often.
  • The first boy is named Sugu. He runs the market, and will provide you the best slaves he can get everyday. They are all yours, if you have enough money...
  • And lastly, a very mysterious character. ??? is a mystery, so it's up to you to discover why he's here!

This took some time but I'm pretty happy with the result. It will be better to have someone to talk to, so bye bye ghost town! I'm also curious about who is your favorite character. Please tell me in the comments!

See you later for another art update,


  1. Nioka. I like dark Elves :P
    I hope maybe she could work for me at my place ;)

    1. I like that idea to, but i'm always apreehensive with the next one that will take the place from the old NPC, you know? He'll need to build a lot of different NPCs to make this possible.

  2. Toss up between Nioka and Ladja. Will there be scenes with them in the future involving our main characters having some fun times with them?

    1. Absolutely. It would be a shame not to do it!

  3. Is ??? Link after BoTW flunked?

    1. Link having hard time. Needed the money. Offered position in Strumpets game. Accepted because rupees.

  4. Probably a repeat question, but is there some sort of guide out there to explain the basics? New Patreon patron, just discovered this game. (For example, does strength/intelligence stat affect the trainer/librarian job, or do the combat/wisdom skills?)

    1. Hi James! Thanks for supporting us, you are amazing! You're asking a good question here. Currently, lots of stats aren't affecting much things in the game. They have been created but we need to establish links with features, and balance everything. So it's a work in progress (Meismike, if you see this message please help me on that so this good sir could have a clear answer!).

      On another side, we planned to implement a "help" button on the main screen which will lead to explanations about how to handle the game and how to start. So again, it's just a matter of time.

      Thanks again for your support and your patience!

    2. Sismicious, thanks for answering my question!

      I'm glad to support you guys and Strumpet. The game is quite fun for the current state, and I can't wait to see it develop and get better.

  5. I'd like to give you my opinion about the game.

    First of all, i'll tell you that i'm not a spetacular english speaker, so there will be probably some mistakes in my opinion, gramatically.

    So... I've played this kind of game before with the SimBro and i really like the concept that you brought to your game. The style and the mechanic, but i think you need to improve your design ingame. When i saw the sex scenes, i want to see something really exciting, and i think that comes a lot from the expression in the face of the characters, and in the game you didn't see this, understand? The sex scenes are poor in expression. I wish you could add some expression and some soundtrack and audio effects, you know?

    I'd like to say then that you could add a function in the shop to turn around the character while you're trying new clothes. You just can't see tails. I know that will be more work to do, but it's a good update that you can brought.

    To the history, i think you can in the future put some quests that wrap the NPCs and if you want to go further, you could put the situation when your character go to the prison and, i mean, no one goes to save her, understand? She needs to get out by her own, and obviously, having sex. So you can put a "quest" that says: To get out of the prison you need to convince Olite to have sex with you and you need to give her a lot of pleasure and then she releases you.

    There are so many things you can do with this game, man... I wish i could help you in the development, but everything i can do to help is provide you some ideas.

    Pedro. ;)

  6. Personally I think I like Keet the most

  7. For a slave trader, Sugu looks like he'd treat me right


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  9. How i can unlock "more" in the shop i talk with keet but it dosnt unlock it