Version 2.33 Implemented NPC's

No clever name this time, I couldn't think of any good alliteration or reference for NPC's. I know, I am a failure, feel free to cancel your pledges.

Now if anyone is still here, this is the real meat of this Patreon update. We added 5 new npc's to their respective buildings. They each have a little introduction that can serve as a tutorial, and some character building. They are kind of hidden away at the moment, but there is a blank button above the back button in their shops that will summon them. This button will be replaced soon.

I am working on sounds right now, but it is a very painful process, they are still disabled in this build. Hopefully we will have something to show for next time. 

For free users, we added the black market so you can buy consumables. 


  1. Try using some copyrught free musics before commissioning musiciansfor the tracks.

  2. Thanks for the release

    - When you go into the upgrade room you get the option to "build a brothel" even though you have already built it. You need flick to the next upgrade and then back to see the purchased sign.
    - Wrong gender nouns for male.
    - Clients have a sad expressions on their face
    - When you pay for release of prisoner the pay sign is still selectable

    - Bribe Button in the Streets Window so you do not need to go to prison to reset police interest
    - Ability to use keyboard instead of mouse. Example for selecting next/previous item you can use arrow keys and enter for the action button (Use/Go/Whatever)
    - Sign over the prison when it is populated
    - Sign over the strumpet when she is in prison

  3. "Now if anyone is still here," - yes we are still here !

  4. Will there be alternate body types for girls/boys eventually?

    1. Only if it doesn't change the size of the assets! So no tall or imp things, unfortunately.