Security Outfit

Hi everyone, Sismicious here.
Today I'm proud to show you something a bit special, because it's the first time I did a costume for both males and females. I don't count the Halloween one because it was a special event and I just couldn't do only one costume :)

But yes, so far I've done a special outfit for the nurse, cook, and trainer jobs only for females, and have to do it for males too.
But this time I put extra efforts to provide the costume for both genders!

I'm pretty happy with the result, they look tough and strong, so don't try to mess with them ^^
Anyway, having a security guard will keep bad things away from your brothel, including the police (even if a private inspection from Olite wouldn't be a bad thing...)

Anyway, I hope you'll like this new addition to the game, and you'll have a great time playing it!
Thanks again for supporting us, I'm kinda proud of the level of customization/clothes/accessories we have so far for a game like this!

Male body decorations

Hey everyone, Sismicious here!
Today I'm going to present you the male version of our actual body decoration. Until now, things like body writing shame, tattoos or freckles were female exclusive, but now boys can also be pretty! After all, who never dreamed about sending a man naked and covered in insults in the streets to gather money?

The first one is the body writing. Good old text shaming. Next are some tribal tattoos, because tribal on balls is brutal. Then is the famous and unique anchor, so you can show people not to mess with you. And finally, some facial additions to add even more customization!

I hope you'll like these additions and thanks again for supporting the development of Strumpets! We'll have another last graphic addition for this month, so stay tuned!


Version 2.45 Playful Pussycats


The furrypocalypse is upon Patreon supporters! All you amorous for the anthropomorphic, fluffy favourers, digitigrade deviants, and those horny for hirsute honeys rejoice! You can start recruiting cat girls from the market once you do a simple quest for the market owner.

If you prefer not to infest your file with filthy felines, just don't do the quest!
This was quite a lot of content in one update, so I probably fucked something up. Please let us know if you see any visual glitches or bugs.

Fur rimes with pleasure

Hi everyone, Sismicious here.
Do you remember the poll we set about if we should add these beautiful creatures to the game or not? Well you voted "yes" at a vast majority, so here is my work ready to be implemented and to be functional thanks to Meismeike.

I remade the feet so our current animations could match this new body type, even if the proportions are slightly different. Also don't worry, my beloved breast lovers because I also maintained the 5 boob sizes.

Also, as you can see, the catgirls have their own hairstyles in order to not glitch with their ears. I did 3 of them, available in 5 colors!

There will be a button to hide this kind of stuff if you're not into it, as it was requested a lot. But else you could simply not buy them at the market ;)

I'll see you later for more visual updates on Strumpets soon!

Version 2.43 Tatoos, Blemishes, and Body Markings


For Patrons, we have added a bunch of new tattoos, blemishes, and body markings! Also a way to check out people before you buy them in the market. Things should start to get back on track now that the holidays are done. Should be an update every 2 weeks.

At the time of posting it seems is down.  So I think I will move the back up file to Newgrounds at (You should go there and rate it 5 stars).

Happy New Year!